Does Your Child Need More Confidence?

Have you ever seen a child frustrated in a sport? Or gym class? We have all seen it. All the kids on the team are asked to do the same thing. And yes that is what sports are about, right? But sometimes that can lead to a child being dejected that they aren’t as good as someone else. This is even more evident in youth athletics as they get older. Even more so as they transition into high school sports where cuts are made and some kids aren’t even able to get on a team. Most of us won’t continue with a team sport past these years.

In CrossFit we aim to build confidence in every one of our athletes. In our Adults and especially in our little ones. Are all of our athletes the same? No, of course not. All of our athletes vary in both physical and mental capacities. But that’s the beauty in our programming and our expert coaches.  It is tailored to your or your kids specific need. And they will not feel singled out.

  • We adjust our workouts to match the “age appropriate” stimulus for each of our age groups. (We start at age 3!)
  • We then adjust weights, reps, and even the movements for each young athlete. Giving each their own workout that they can accomplish. We have a specific time domain that we want every athlete to finish in. 
  • This builds confidence, rather than them being frustrated and maybe even embarrassed that they can’t do what others are doing.
  • As coaches we give them realistic and challenging goals that they can accomplish. There is nothing better than seeing our kids do that “box jump” they didn’t think they could do. That “handstand” hold they were worried about. 
  • Our program enhances athletic performance. Making your child an all around better athlete makes them more confident out there on the field, court, and ice. Whatever their sport is. We make them better at it.
  • Boosting confidence leads to higher self-esteem.

Come join us. We are building stronger, faster, and most of all more confident little athletes. Our coaches are dedicated to making your child’s fitness journey with us one that they will enjoy. Our focus on safety, sportsmanship, self-discipline, hard work will directly translate to their everyday life outside of the gym.


Coach Geo

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