4 Ways to Save Your Joints

When you are dedicated to your training and putting in the hours to achieve your goals then there is nothing more frustrating than joint pain and inflammation. It almost feels like your body is punishing you for working hard. No fair, right!

Rather than make excuses about your pain or backing off on your training you may want to consider some new techniques to mitigate the damage from these patterns of overuse.

1. Focus on form
2. Make intensity your new volume
3. Recover Harder
4. Hit the Supplements Aisle

1.Focus on form
If you are training often and hard then even the slights inefficiencies in your movement can turn into nagging injuries over time. Before you put in all that hard work you owe it to yourself to work with an experienced coach to refine your movement. You will make progress faster and stay healthy in the process. Slow down, not every day is a competition.

2. Make intensity your new volume
Sometimes the body simply needs a break from volume. All athletes in any sport go through periods of alternating intensity and volume throughout the year. They have different rhythms and protocols for preseason, in-season, post-season, and off-season training. Try backing off on the volume of your training and focusing on higher intensity pieces instead. For lifters, this could mean performing fewer sets or reps and using a higher load, shorter rest times, or a faster tempo. Runners might try lower mileage with weeks and adding a sprint workout 1-2 times per week instead.

3. Recover Harder
Training hard without the proper recovery techniques is bound to beat you up and becomes unsustainable long term. Make time for massage, foam rolling, stretching, yoga or mobility sessions, sleep, and any other recovery methods that can improve your performance. Sometimes the most beneficial thing you can do is stimulate your parasympathetic nervous with these recovery techniques to let your body’s natural healing mechanisms kick in.

4. Give your body what it needs to repair itself
There are tons of great supplements that can help with joint health. Fish oil and omega 3’s provide a healthy inflammatory response in the body amongst many other health benefits. Glucosamine and Chondroitin provide the building blocks for joint repair. Tart Cherry Juice extract has been shown to reduce muscle soreness after a workout. Give those a try to start!

Don’t let joint pain stop you from moving and doing the things you love!

5 Tips to Help You Change with the Season

As the weather turns colder, many of us tend to let our health and fitness routines take the back burner for a few months. Whether you are feeling rundown or beat up from two CrossFit Open cycles in one year or just trying to escape the holiday season without eating too much pie. It is important to recognize what the change in season can mean for you in your training and health.

The winter months bring about changes in our training routines, daily habits, and nutrition. Rather than take a hit and accepting that this is a time to let yourself slide (because you’ll make it up and get back on track in January) what if this year you made a plan to do things differently.

“You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself. That is something you have charge of.” -Jim Rohn

Here are 5 Tips to Help You Change with the Season!

  1. Eat more vegetables and healthy fats.
  2. Go for a walk during the daytime.
  3. Break a sweat every day.
  4. Stay Hydrated.
  5. Structure your day for success.

Eat more vegetables and healthy fats.
During the summer months, there seems to be an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables around. In the winter we tend to shift towards more comfort foods, foods that are preserved or packaged and are easy to prepare. Focusing on incorporating more vegetables in your diet will help you get the essential vitamins, minerals, fiber, and micronutrients that you need. Omega-3s found in fish oil can help with skin health, heart health, and has been shown to support

Go for a walk during the daytime.
Getting outside for a walk during daylight hours can be extremely beneficial for your body and mind. Even if we can’t get Vitamin D from the sun during the winter months we can still benefit from its exposure. Walking can help improve metabolism, boost mood, and be a much better pick me up for your energy than coffee. Doing it in sunlight is proven to be one of the best ways to combat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) that gets people run down in the winter months.

Break a sweat every day.
Prioritizing fitness may actually be more important in the winter than the summer. We naturally find ourselves more active during the summer months, enjoying the weather at the beach or on a hike or a bike ride. In the winter we tend to hole up indoors. Those hours of walking are replaced with hours of Netflix bingeing and lo and behold we start to get soft and complacent.

Stay Hydrated.
In the winter months, you may never feel the need to quench your thirst as you do on a hot summer day. Most folks tend to stay on the dehydrated side. Sweat also evaporates in the cold dry air, so many people are less likely to replenish fluids after exercise. Be sure to set daily hydration goals for yourself. Setting alarms on your phone to get up and grab a drink of water is a great way to accomplish this.

Structure your day for success.
One of the best ways to take charge of your health during the winter months is to plan out your day. Set yourself up for success by incorporating healthy habits and avoiding the detractors is key. Plan to have a big healthy salad before showing up to the holiday party where you know there will be tons of desserts. Book a fitness class, yoga session, or plan to meet a friend during a time you would normally just watch TV or surf the internet.

If you want to stay in control of your health this winter and have questions about how to eat, train or plan let us know!  Coach@CrusherCrossFit.Com

3 Exercises to Fix your Lower Back Pain

The body thrives on balance. Our muscles and joints are happiest when they are getting equal and total range of motion. The spine is no different and since it’s range of motion is smaller than most other joints, imbalances can be felt more intensely.

The spine requires the stability of the supporting muscles that surround it to keep up upright and mobile. When a link in this system is weak, the body will compensate in order to expend the least amount of energy. 

A common issue seen causing that dreaded lower back is due to tight hip flexors, tight spinal erectors, accompanied by weak abs and glutes, also referred to as the lower cross syndrome. The tightness of the body in one area causes another area of the body to become weak. 

“Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.” – Buddhist Proverb


So how do you fix or prevent this? Here are three things you can do today to make sure your glutes are firing, your core is tight, and your hips and back muscles stay strong but supple.

  1. Single leg glute bridges, to strengthen the core & glutes. Aim for 3 sets of 15 on each side. Plant the bottom of your feet and palms firmly on the floor. Stack knees above ankles. Lift one foot off the ground and perform a single glute bridge with the other, pressing firmly into your palms, shoulders, and foot to take any pressure off the neck. Try to get the hips as high as possible, then lower to the ground.
  2. Couch Stretch, loosen the tight hip flexors Aim for 2 minutes on each side. Using a couch or a bench, get into a low lunge in front of your object of choice, and the goal of this stretch is to use the front leg to support your weight as you put your back foot on a couch or bench and get your knee as close to the couch or bench as possible to stretch the hip of the back leg.  
  3. Supine single-leg twists to loosen the tight muscles in the lower back.

Lay on your back, hands out to a T, and legs together, bring your right knee up to your chest and let it fall to the left side of your body. Try to keep the spine stacked in a straight line. Repeat on the left leg, bringing left knee to chest then letting it fall to your right, knee resting on the ground or a block. Spend at least a minute on each side.

Incorporate these exercises and stretches into your routine to help ease and prevent lower back pain. As always if anything causes pain, don’t do it and always consult your doctor before trying new things.

Succeed in 2020

2020 is your Year!

We all want to hit the new year and decade like the Kool Aid Man right? We all do, but we all have seen ours and others New Year’s resolutions start quick and end even quicker. Why? We often pick goals that are attainable but we pick an unsustainable way to get there. All in right away….I’m not eating that anymore, I’m waking up at 5am Monday through Friday and I’m running 5 miles, I’m going to do this and not that (whatever it is). But we can’t redirect a runaway train instantly. We need to take baby steps. How about setting a long term goal and then setting up baby steps to get there.  

Ok you want to eat better, great that is a fantastic goal. But going all in is probably not going to end well. Let’s start by eating better 5 days a week. Indulge a little on the weekend. Do that for a little and then let’s eat better 6 days a week. 

Here are some helpful ways to stay on track.


  • Make an attainable goal (losing inches on your waist, lowering your blood pressure, I want to work out 3-5 days a week and just get stronger and healthier)
  • Create a plan that consists of a sustainable process (baby steps)
  • Track your progress (detail where you are now and measure where you are weekly, not daily)
  • Get friends and family involved (accountability, and it’s more fun)
  • If you are going at it alone then talk about it with others. Let your family and friends know about it and explain you’ll need their support
  • Realize there will be a plateau and do not get discouraged (trust the process – be patient!)
  • Lean on the professionals to get you there (Crusher programs and staff are experts and make it simple) 


So here we go!  2020 is YOURS. What goals are you going to CRUSH this year?  Remember… 2020 will be the exact same as 2019 unless you MAKE A CHANGE!  Get after it! Start simple and step forward.

Meet Connor – Teen Athlete!

Teens Athlete Spotlight (November 2019)


Athlete – Conner Epping

Age – 15

Member since – March 2017


I want to introduce you to one of our amazing Teen athletes, Conner Epping. He puts in the hard work and he is an absolute joy to coach. Conner is part of one of our many families who “Fitness” together here at Crusher CrossFit. His parents Alanna, Joe, and sister Brenna are all part of the Crusher Family. Recently they were seen doing the “CrossFit Open” together as a family in the same heats. Very cool and very inspiring to see as they pushed through very tough workouts along side of each other while the Crusher community cheered them on. 

I recently sat down with Conner for a little Q&A


Why did you start CrossFit? My Mom and Dad started and they would talk about it at home. I knew they loved it and they inspired me and I gave it a shot.

Do you enjoy CrossFit? I love it. 

Why do you enjoy CrossFit? It helps me mentally. It has made me more confident. Both in the gym and at school.

Were you nervous to start? Yes, very. But not anymore. I look forward to coming now and challenging myself.

Do you play a sport? No. Crossfit is my sport.

Do you think CrossFit helps you in your academics? Yes, it has taught me to focus more. It also helps with my headaches and anxiety. I feel much better when I come to class.

Have you talked to friends about CrossFit? Yes. My friends Joey and Trevor joined. I like when we all can work out together. It’s fun.

What is your favorite movement? Rowing

What is your least favorite movement? Burpees. I hate those things. (“Conner, I feel your pain here man” – Geo)

Do you like working out with Mom and Dad? Yes, they inspire me to try harder. It’s pretty cool.

Do you plan to continue with CrossFit when you become an adult? Definitely. 

Do you like your coaches? Yes, they are fun and they help me with each workout. They give me scales and tips to get through the workout.

As a coach of Conner I can tell you this kid is awesome and we are the lucky ones that get to coach him. The Epping family continues to inspire all of us and we look forward to seeing them all continue their fitness journey with us. 


If you feel encouraged to try something new like Connor did, email me at Geo@CrusherCrossFit.Com – I would love to help.


Coach Geo


Does Your Child Need More Confidence?

Have you ever seen a child frustrated in a sport? Or gym class? We have all seen it. All the kids on the team are asked to do the same thing. And yes that is what sports are about, right? But sometimes that can lead to a child being dejected that they aren’t as good as someone else. This is even more evident in youth athletics as they get older. Even more so as they transition into high school sports where cuts are made and some kids aren’t even able to get on a team. Most of us won’t continue with a team sport past these years.

In CrossFit we aim to build confidence in every one of our athletes. In our Adults and especially in our little ones. Are all of our athletes the same? No, of course not. All of our athletes vary in both physical and mental capacities. But that’s the beauty in our programming and our expert coaches.  It is tailored to your or your kids specific need. And they will not feel singled out.

  • We adjust our workouts to match the “age appropriate” stimulus for each of our age groups. (We start at age 3!)
  • We then adjust weights, reps, and even the movements for each young athlete. Giving each their own workout that they can accomplish. We have a specific time domain that we want every athlete to finish in. 
  • This builds confidence, rather than them being frustrated and maybe even embarrassed that they can’t do what others are doing.
  • As coaches we give them realistic and challenging goals that they can accomplish. There is nothing better than seeing our kids do that “box jump” they didn’t think they could do. That “handstand” hold they were worried about. 
  • Our program enhances athletic performance. Making your child an all around better athlete makes them more confident out there on the field, court, and ice. Whatever their sport is. We make them better at it.
  • Boosting confidence leads to higher self-esteem.

Come join us. We are building stronger, faster, and most of all more confident little athletes. Our coaches are dedicated to making your child’s fitness journey with us one that they will enjoy. Our focus on safety, sportsmanship, self-discipline, hard work will directly translate to their everyday life outside of the gym.


Coach Geo


Avoid this BIG Mistake on Thanksgiving…

Thanksgiving is here… and the common theme is being discussed.  “I am going to fast all day to save up my calories for the BIG meal!”  Or, “I am skipping breakfast and lunch so that I can indulge at dinner.”

Guys and gals… Don’t do it!  Big Mistake!  Skipping your meals or “saving up” for the big meal is going to seriously back fire on you.  You will end up being so hungry by the time the food arrives, that you will in turn over eat, and regret your decision.  I do understand that there are some people that do well with intermittent fasting.  If you are trained in this and know what you are doing, than more power to you.  But for the rest of us, treat it like any other day.

Here are a few tips to keep you in check this Thanksgiving, but still enjoying some of your favorites:

    • Eat breakfast that includes a healthy amount of protein – this will help you curb your appetite during the day.  It would be great to eat a well rounded breakfast with some healthy carbohydrates (fruits, veggie, steel cut oats etc) and a healthy fat (avocado).
    • Get a quick workout in and start your day right.  Crusher has classes at 8am and 9:30am!  Come on in!
    • Water is your friend.  Stay hydrated a lot of water.
    • Start your big meal with a salad or vegetables.  Do not start with bread or or the heavier foods.  If you start with the salad or vegetables, this will help you with overall caloric intake.
    • Chew your food and enjoy the conversation of those around you!  This will help you not rush into it and shove your face without realizing you are full.
    • If you are full – put your fork down.
    • Plan for the day after – have healthy meals prepped and a workout class scheduled.  This will help keep you in check and back on track.  These big holiday meals are the exception – they aren’t a rule.  Meaning, we get one, and then back on track.


Are You Living Your Best Life?

We hear this a lot… “Be your best self!”  Or “Living your best life.”  And there are so many different meanings behind this.  But in order to actually live our best life.. we need to take care of our body and what goes in it.  Did you know, you can choose how you treat your body?

There are a lot of areas in life where “good enough” can be the goal. Ultimately you have a finite amount of time on this planet and if a task is not important to you then you want to outsource it or put in the minimum effective dose of effort so you can move on with your day. 

There are also many areas where you should put in your very best work. When it comes to movement you want to be strong and pain-free. When you do your taxes you ensure that they are accurate and timely. When you spend time with the ones you love you put the phone away and are fully present in the moment. 

One area that often gets the “good enough” treatment is your diet and nutrition. When life gets busy or making healthy choices becomes inconvenient the spectrum of foods you consume tends to take a dive in quality. Rather than let slide occur in favor of other activities that seem more important, you may find it worth your while to optimize your diet and nutrition. Here’s why:

    • Even if the doctor says you are healthy, you are happy with the way you look, and you can’t stand cooking – nutrition is one area that literally transcends into ALL areas of your life.
    • If you only ever aim for the minimum in your diet then you are capping your maximum potential in how much you can lift, creatively solve problems, and even love your family.
    • We often treat food as an activity that gets scheduled into the day. Food breaks up the workday and provides structure in the evening. It is a social affair with the family or a way to do business.

The foods you consume during the day are the driving force behind all of this. They not only provide the immediate nutrients needed to fuel your physical and mental performance but are also the long term building blocks for every cell in your body. Every bite you chew or sip you take is going to be broken down into the amino acids that build your muscles and organs. The fats and oils become the cell walls that handle communication between cells in your body and control processes like your immune system function and inflammatory response. The vitamins and minerals will help your body create the energy it needs to keep you moving and eliminating toxins from your body.

Scientists have even found links between our gut bacteria and neurological disease. The foods you are eating today and the way your prioritize diet could determine your likelihood of Alzheimer’s disease later in life. (This right here should be enough of a reason WHY you CHOOSE nutrition to be a focus)
The way you choose to eat is affecting the way you live, both today and 40 years from now. If you want to be your best self for your family, your career, and the things you care about accomplishing in life then taking care of your nutrition is not a “nice to have”. It’s a must.

Not sure where to get started? Start by having a conversation with one of our coaches today.  Jen@CrusherCrossFit.Com for More information.  You GOT this!

4 Ways to Help Kids Eat Healthy!

It’s no secret. How we fuel our bodies makes a big difference. Our kids need a healthy eating lifestyle as well. Here are a couple of easy ways to help.

  • Breakfast…A healthy breakfast will keep your child full and focused for the first few hours of school. Avoid the easy cereal option that’s loaded with sugar. This causes a quick burst of energy followed by dropping blood sugar levels.  Try these easy options.
      • Eggs with toast and some cut up fruit.
      • Low-Fat Low-Sugar yogurt
      • Oatmeal with some mixed in berries. Play with different textures of Oatmeal until you get it to their liking.
      • Healthy muffins
  • Healthy Snacks…Avoid the candy, cookies, and chips. Add in some fruit, nuts, trail mix, even popcorn can be a better alternative. Don’t force them to eat something, try a few things and you’ll find something they like and can enjoy.


  • Hydration…Water, water, and more water. Hydration is key but we also need to avoid sugar filled sodas and juices. Flavor up their water with some low-calorie flavored mix, ice tea, unsweetened sparkling water, and low fat milk are all good options.  Best practice is to drink when you’re thirsty. Drink something with electrolytes before, during, and after physical activity.


  • Lead by example… We as parents play the biggest role. Our kids will eat what we eat. Eat better and they will eat better. Learning healthy eating habits now will guide them to a more healthy adult lifestyle.

What’s Keeping You From Achieving Your Goals?

If you currently want something in your life that you don’t have then there is a 100% chance that you are human. (Phew!!) How you define yourself is by the action you take towards bringing those into your life. Some people make declarations about how they are finally going to make the big change
Generally, if you have a goal you haven’t achieved yet you fall into one of these three camps. 

  • You don’t know what to do and you don’t know how to do it.
  • You don’t think you deserve it.
  • You haven’t put in the work.

So what’s really keeping you from achieving your goals? Let’s find out…

1. You don’t know what to do and you don’t know how to do it.
This is generally the first challenge you encounter when you have a new goal. Luckily it is also the easiest barrier to address when it comes to making positive changes in your life. Whether you seek to earn more money, improve your health, or find your soulmate there are websites, coaches, books, podcasts, and more resources than you know what to do with. Success leaves clues and in the information age we live in you have access to the tools and resources you need to get started on the path to your goal.
“When action is our priority, vanity falls away.”  – Ryan Holiday
Let’s say your goal is to lose 10 pounds and keep it off. Like forever keep it off. Many adults find themselves at a weight they don’t feel comfortable and confident at. The problem is that if you have only ever gained weight since you were a kid and never seen the scale go (and stay) in the opposite direction then you are a total novice. Being a professional weight gainer is easy for you, you’ve done it your whole life. If you want to lose weight then you have to start fresh. It’s time to throw out what you think is true about nutrition and exercise because all of the information you have is through the lens of a person who has only ever gained weight. Let go of ego. Let go of pride. If you want to make the change then you have to start with fresh eyes.

2. You don’t think you deserve it.
This could be thought of as self-sabotage. Maybe since you were a child you have been conditioned to think a certain way. Many of the long-standing beliefs humans hold are instilled by parents, environments, or traumatic experiences. Long ago the brain accepted as fact that “this is the way it is”. If you have a long-held belief that is clashing with one of your current goals then your first order of business is to remove that roadblock. No amount of will power or strategy can overcome a fixed mindset. You are an adult and you are responsible for your own life. You have the power to change any condition that you don’t want. 
“How have I been complicit in creating the conditions I say I don’t want?” -Jerry Colonna
Executive coach and author Jerry Colonna asks a powerful question to himself and his clients. “How have I been complicit in creating the conditions I say I don’t want?” Ask yourself this question in the context of your current goal. If you are struggling to lose weight, what are the things that you have been “okay with” lately? If it’s the food in the fridge that you snack on, skipping your workout, or surrounding yourself with people who have unhealthy habits then that is entirely on YOU to change. That starts by demanding more of yourself. You have to consider yourself worthy of the goal you claim to want. When you are mentally ready to be the person who achieves this goal you will be able to receive it.

3. You haven’t put in the work.
This can be the most frustrating camp to fall into when it comes to not achieving your goals. You may be doing everything right. You hired the coach, you have a strategy, and you’re executing on it every day. So why haven’t you accomplished your goal yet?! 
“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.” -Vince Lombardi
Whether growing a business or growing your biceps it can be tough when the results haven’t shown up yet. So what should you do?
Constantly ask yourself: What else could I be doing? Continually revisit camps one and two in this post. Are there any additional resources or tools that could be getting you to your goals faster? Could you work with someone who has proven results in the exact area you are trying to grow? Are there any roadblocks you are creating for yourself? Is there an area where your behavior is inconsistent with the outcome that you seek?

Frustration or anger can itself be a powerful tool. If you are fed up with your lack of progress then you should use that as fuel for your fire. If you have the bandwidth to be upset about your situation then you most likely have the bandwidth to work harder (or smarter 😉 )
If you still don’t know why the results won’t come then you should consider working with a mentor or coach who can help you get there. A great coach will help you set up a framework for success. They will help you develop a SMART goal that aligns with your mission and current state. Understanding the time frame and order of steps necessary to achieve a goal can dramatically improve your mindset and the way you tackle each day. You can break your goal down into manageable chunks and as you check them off you will build momentum towards your big goal. The best coaches will be clear and neutral in their feedback about what it takes to get to you to your goal. 

You want to surround yourself with people who will be supportive and honest your path to success. Avoid the detractors. That includes anyone who tells you they support you, but that you can’t achieve what you want and to “get real”. This life is yours to choose and you can’t waste time with the people that will only hold you back. 


If you need help identifying what is hold you back from your goals, meet with one of our coaches today.  We can help you on your fitness journey!  Coach@CrusherCrossFit.Com or Visit our website at www.CrusherCrossFit.Com