Looking to Drop In?

We love to host traveling CrossFit athletes passing through!


Just passing through town for a day, book here.


In town for a week? This allows you to attend multiple times for one week.

Drop In FAQs

What are group classes like at Crusher?

The class generally consists of the following:

  • An introduction where you’ll hear the day’s announcements and get to know your instructor and fellow classmates as well as a preview of the work out of the day (WOD) including scaling levels and options.
  • A warm up to prime your muscles and joints for movement
  • A Strength/Skill/practice portion, where you’ll practice a specific movement in order to increase strength and/or improve form including demonstration, instruction, and personalized coaching/scaling information.
  • A WOD portion this is the focus. Including demonstration, instruction, and help with scaling.
  • A mobility/cool down portion to stretch your muscles, decrease recovery time and improve flexibility
  • Our goal is to increase your work capacity while preventing injury and improving flexibility. We also include educational components to help you become more knowledgeable about your body and how to achieve your health and fitness goals.
Can I do my own thing during class?

For any experienced Weightlifters, CrossFitters, and Strongman, we have an Open Gym time where you can follow your own programming. We only ask that you follow our house rules.

They are:

  1. Class has priority.
  2. Clips on all bars with weight even while warming up. No exceptions.
  3. Have fun!
Do I need to reserve a spot or contact anyone?

Yes, use one of the two options above. You will fill out your account information, provide payment, and sign the waiver. You can email coach@crushercrossfit.com or complete the “Contact Form” if you have any questions.

What’s your drop-in policy?

We love having visitors from other gyms come “throw down” with us!
If you are just passing through, we charge a drop in fee of $20 per day or offer a week-long pass for $50.

Sign up for a single drop in here or a week-long pass here. This way the waivers and payment are taken care of and when you get to the box we can show you around, get to know you and get started with class. You can find our class schedule Here. We look forward to seeing you at the box.

You may find that we do things a little differently than your “box back home.” We hope that you enjoy the change in scenery, clientele, maybe even music. If anything makes you uncomfortable, however, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

May I buy a t-shirt for my drop-in fee?

Our Drop-In fee is $20. It does not include a t-shirt. It covers the value of your experience. We encourage our Drop-In athletes to leave a positive review on Google. If you do, we’ll give you $5 off your Drop-In, retroactively. Also, we’d love for you to buy a t-shirt after you Drop-In!

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