Crusher…It’s a special place.

This blog is personal. It’s not going to be a blog on what to eat, what exercises to do, or why what we do works. This blog is for the soul. It’s simple, it’s the why behind the name of the gym and what it has become.


About 10 years ago Adam came across this new training method. With a personal drive to get more physically fit and with his natural business mindset, he set forth on his quest.  I remember getting the email, let’s embark on training together while Adam learns to coach this training method. We started with a small group at a local fitness facility. And boy were we doing things that nobody had seen before. I can’t tell you how many stares and dirty looks we got from others training there at the same time. But we all fell in love with the training system and it was working, and more importantly, it was fun.


Fast forward a short time…Adam found a facility that he thought would work. I can tell you at first glance it was rough and I had my doubts. We soon as a group were tearing down walls and demolishing things left and right. I remember our first WOD in a gutted facility with rubble everywhere. It was 400 air squats for time and a picture of that hangs proudly at Crusher to remind us where it started.


It all started to come together. Crusher was being created.


Why the name Crusher? Adam and Jody decided to name the business after our beloved nephew Lukas aka “Crusher” lost his life in an accident at the age of 18. I can’t tell you how much this means to me every single time I walk into the facility and see his picture on the way in. He is why this place is what it is. He embodied love and family. With his values as guidance and the vision of Adam and Jody, we slowly added members and formed a family.  Crusher was evolving into much more than a fitness facility.



See, Crusher is not a building. It’s a group of like-minded individuals that are working towards a goal, together. It sounds cliche but it’s the honest truth. The Crusher community is powerful. I see it every single day. It’s a place where a lot of the time we come in to just see other members, laugh, and socialize. And to work out of course. I can’t tell you how many times I need the support and I need to feel the energy from our members to get me through a workout when I am just not feeling it.  I know all of our members feel that same support.



Crusher accepts everyone. When you are a Crusher member you are part of a family, a community of overwhelming support by its members and passionate staff. I am proud and honored to be just a small part of Crusher.


Great things happen here. Special things happen here.


I encourage you if you haven’t yet done so to read the vision of Crusher here.



Succeed in 2020

2020 is your Year!

We all want to hit the new year and decade like the Kool Aid Man right? We all do, but we all have seen ours and others New Year’s resolutions start quick and end even quicker. Why? We often pick goals that are attainable but we pick an unsustainable way to get there. All in right away….I’m not eating that anymore, I’m waking up at 5am Monday through Friday and I’m running 5 miles, I’m going to do this and not that (whatever it is). But we can’t redirect a runaway train instantly. We need to take baby steps. How about setting a long term goal and then setting up baby steps to get there.  

Ok you want to eat better, great that is a fantastic goal. But going all in is probably not going to end well. Let’s start by eating better 5 days a week. Indulge a little on the weekend. Do that for a little and then let’s eat better 6 days a week. 

Here are some helpful ways to stay on track.


  • Make an attainable goal (losing inches on your waist, lowering your blood pressure, I want to work out 3-5 days a week and just get stronger and healthier)
  • Create a plan that consists of a sustainable process (baby steps)
  • Track your progress (detail where you are now and measure where you are weekly, not daily)
  • Get friends and family involved (accountability, and it’s more fun)
  • If you are going at it alone then talk about it with others. Let your family and friends know about it and explain you’ll need their support
  • Realize there will be a plateau and do not get discouraged (trust the process – be patient!)
  • Lean on the professionals to get you there (Crusher programs and staff are experts and make it simple) 


So here we go!  2020 is YOURS. What goals are you going to CRUSH this year?  Remember… 2020 will be the exact same as 2019 unless you MAKE A CHANGE!  Get after it! Start simple and step forward.

Does Your Child Need More Confidence?

Have you ever seen a child frustrated in a sport? Or gym class? We have all seen it. All the kids on the team are asked to do the same thing. And yes that is what sports are about, right? But sometimes that can lead to a child being dejected that they aren’t as good as someone else. This is even more evident in youth athletics as they get older. Even more so as they transition into high school sports where cuts are made and some kids aren’t even able to get on a team. Most of us won’t continue with a team sport past these years.

In CrossFit we aim to build confidence in every one of our athletes. In our Adults and especially in our little ones. Are all of our athletes the same? No, of course not. All of our athletes vary in both physical and mental capacities. But that’s the beauty in our programming and our expert coaches.  It is tailored to your or your kids specific need. And they will not feel singled out.

  • We adjust our workouts to match the “age appropriate” stimulus for each of our age groups. (We start at age 3!)
  • We then adjust weights, reps, and even the movements for each young athlete. Giving each their own workout that they can accomplish. We have a specific time domain that we want every athlete to finish in. 
  • This builds confidence, rather than them being frustrated and maybe even embarrassed that they can’t do what others are doing.
  • As coaches we give them realistic and challenging goals that they can accomplish. There is nothing better than seeing our kids do that “box jump” they didn’t think they could do. That “handstand” hold they were worried about. 
  • Our program enhances athletic performance. Making your child an all around better athlete makes them more confident out there on the field, court, and ice. Whatever their sport is. We make them better at it.
  • Boosting confidence leads to higher self-esteem.

Come join us. We are building stronger, faster, and most of all more confident little athletes. Our coaches are dedicated to making your child’s fitness journey with us one that they will enjoy. Our focus on safety, sportsmanship, self-discipline, hard work will directly translate to their everyday life outside of the gym.


Coach Geo

4 Ways to Help Kids Eat Healthy!

It’s no secret. How we fuel our bodies makes a big difference. Our kids need a healthy eating lifestyle as well. Here are a couple of easy ways to help.

  • Breakfast…A healthy breakfast will keep your child full and focused for the first few hours of school. Avoid the easy cereal option that’s loaded with sugar. This causes a quick burst of energy followed by dropping blood sugar levels.  Try these easy options.
      • Eggs with toast and some cut up fruit.
      • Low-Fat Low-Sugar yogurt
      • Oatmeal with some mixed in berries. Play with different textures of Oatmeal until you get it to their liking.
      • Healthy muffins
  • Healthy Snacks…Avoid the candy, cookies, and chips. Add in some fruit, nuts, trail mix, even popcorn can be a better alternative. Don’t force them to eat something, try a few things and you’ll find something they like and can enjoy.


  • Hydration…Water, water, and more water. Hydration is key but we also need to avoid sugar filled sodas and juices. Flavor up their water with some low-calorie flavored mix, ice tea, unsweetened sparkling water, and low fat milk are all good options.  Best practice is to drink when you’re thirsty. Drink something with electrolytes before, during, and after physical activity.


  • Lead by example… We as parents play the biggest role. Our kids will eat what we eat. Eat better and they will eat better. Learning healthy eating habits now will guide them to a more healthy adult lifestyle.

Can CrossFit Improve Your Child’s Academics?

Believe it. We can help in this area! Not only do we enhance your child’s physical fitness, our program also enhances cognitive development. As stated in the article below, “Crossfit will supercharge the child’s cognitive and physical growth.”


Read more here


“CrossFit Kids uses the natural process of motor development to increase learning effectiveness and efficiency. Instead of confining a child’s development with rules and movement limitations of sports while running the risk of contributing to the detrimental effects of overspecialization, CrossFit Kids uses a child’s natural propensity for constantly varied movement by using constantly varied movement.”


  • It is proven that our brain function is higher after physical activity
  • Our class structure promotes learning, adapting, and a higher level of focus
  • It’s no secret, exercise can help your child “recharge” after sitting in school all day. 

So what are you waiting for?  Sign them up today!  Visit our website or email me at Geo@CrusherCrossFit.Com for more information.

Get your kids active!

Nobody wants to do something that isn’t fun right? Well that is something we take to heart here at Crusher Crossfit. In particular with our Kids program. Ask any one of our kids, they enjoy our classes. Sure they are getting a great workout in. Sure we are asking them to work hard. We are getting your child “more fit” but we also know how to make it a FUN experience for them.

Here’s How:

  • In every class, we incorporate a game. We make it active and we make it fun. Most classes even have two, one for a warm up and then one to end the class.
  • Encouraging your child throughout the class, making them laugh and smile. 
  • Positive reinforcement every chance we get.
  • We incorporate team and partner warm ups. Nothing like seeing kids getting that little competitive edge going. We keep these fun and we encourage the teams to cheer for their teammates. 

What’s even better than having fun with a game? The smile on a child’s face when they accomplish a movement or workout they thought they couldn’t have done. That’s what we love to see. We set up our little athletes for success. Our coaches know how to adapt each workout for each child so they can complete the workout and feel good about themselves.  Interested in getting your kid involved?  Email Geo@CrusherCrossFit.Com or head to our programs page and take a look at our options.  Ages 3 and older can participate!