Crusher Fitness and Health is dedicated to providing programs for all ages to help improve your fitness and most importantly your overall health. We are especially proud of our youth program, and the tremendous life-long benefit of starting our youth on their fitness journey. Our exceptional youth programs create healthy habits, teach correct & safe movement, and build a strong & confident child.

We offer three youth programs, all with age-appropriate training. Kids (5-9), PreTeens (10-12), and Teens (13-17).


We want to provide access to our programs for all of our local youth. We realize there are many reasons why joining a program isn't feasible. We understand financial reasons are one of them. That's why we are extremely proud to be starting our Crusher Scholarship Program. We will provide "free or reduced" youth memberships for three amazing youths from our local community.

Applicants can fill out the form below and if accepted, are required to attend youth classes at least 6 times per month to maintain their active scholarship status. Members who lapse on this requirement without notifying us could lose their scholarship and would need to reapply for consideration.