Succeed in 2020

2020 is your Year!

We all want to hit the new year and decade like the Kool Aid Man right? We all do, but we all have seen ours and others New Year’s resolutions start quick and end even quicker. Why? We often pick goals that are attainable but we pick an unsustainable way to get there. All in right away….I’m not eating that anymore, I’m waking up at 5am Monday through Friday and I’m running 5 miles, I’m going to do this and not that (whatever it is). But we can’t redirect a runaway train instantly. We need to take baby steps. How about setting a long term goal and then setting up baby steps to get there.  

Ok you want to eat better, great that is a fantastic goal. But going all in is probably not going to end well. Let’s start by eating better 5 days a week. Indulge a little on the weekend. Do that for a little and then let’s eat better 6 days a week. 

Here are some helpful ways to stay on track.


  • Make an attainable goal (losing inches on your waist, lowering your blood pressure, I want to work out 3-5 days a week and just get stronger and healthier)
  • Create a plan that consists of a sustainable process (baby steps)
  • Track your progress (detail where you are now and measure where you are weekly, not daily)
  • Get friends and family involved (accountability, and it’s more fun)
  • If you are going at it alone then talk about it with others. Let your family and friends know about it and explain you’ll need their support
  • Realize there will be a plateau and do not get discouraged (trust the process – be patient!)
  • Lean on the professionals to get you there (Crusher programs and staff are experts and make it simple) 


So here we go!  2020 is YOURS. What goals are you going to CRUSH this year?  Remember… 2020 will be the exact same as 2019 unless you MAKE A CHANGE!  Get after it! Start simple and step forward.

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