Get your kids active!

Nobody wants to do something that isn’t fun right? Well that is something we take to heart here at Crusher Crossfit. In particular with our Kids program. Ask any one of our kids, they enjoy our classes. Sure they are getting a great workout in. Sure we are asking them to work hard. We are getting your child “more fit” but we also know how to make it a FUN experience for them.

Here’s How:

  • In every class, we incorporate a game. We make it active and we make it fun. Most classes even have two, one for a warm up and then one to end the class.
  • Encouraging your child throughout the class, making them laugh and smile. 
  • Positive reinforcement every chance we get.
  • We incorporate team and partner warm ups. Nothing like seeing kids getting that little competitive edge going. We keep these fun and we encourage the teams to cheer for their teammates. 

What’s even better than having fun with a game? The smile on a child’s face when they accomplish a movement or workout they thought they couldn’t have done. That’s what we love to see. We set up our little athletes for success. Our coaches know how to adapt each workout for each child so they can complete the workout and feel good about themselves.  Interested in getting your kid involved?  Email Geo@CrusherCrossFit.Com or head to our programs page and take a look at our options.  Ages 3 and older can participate! 

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