Can CrossFit Improve Your Child’s Academics?

Believe it. We can help in this area! Not only do we enhance your child’s physical fitness, our program also enhances cognitive development. As stated in the article below, “Crossfit will supercharge the child’s cognitive and physical growth.”


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“CrossFit Kids uses the natural process of motor development to increase learning effectiveness and efficiency. Instead of confining a child’s development with rules and movement limitations of sports while running the risk of contributing to the detrimental effects of overspecialization, CrossFit Kids uses a child’s natural propensity for constantly varied movement by using constantly varied movement.”


  • It is proven that our brain function is higher after physical activity
  • Our class structure promotes learning, adapting, and a higher level of focus
  • It’s no secret, exercise can help your child “recharge” after sitting in school all day. 

So what are you waiting for?  Sign them up today!  Visit our website or email me at Geo@CrusherCrossFit.Com for more information.

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