Avoid this BIG Mistake on Thanksgiving…

Thanksgiving is here… and the common theme is being discussed.  “I am going to fast all day to save up my calories for the BIG meal!”  Or, “I am skipping breakfast and lunch so that I can indulge at dinner.”

Guys and gals… Don’t do it!  Big Mistake!  Skipping your meals or “saving up” for the big meal is going to seriously back fire on you.  You will end up being so hungry by the time the food arrives, that you will in turn over eat, and regret your decision.  I do understand that there are some people that do well with intermittent fasting.  If you are trained in this and know what you are doing, than more power to you.  But for the rest of us, treat it like any other day.

Here are a few tips to keep you in check this Thanksgiving, but still enjoying some of your favorites:

    • Eat breakfast that includes a healthy amount of protein – this will help you curb your appetite during the day.  It would be great to eat a well rounded breakfast with some healthy carbohydrates (fruits, veggie, steel cut oats etc) and a healthy fat (avocado).
    • Get a quick workout in and start your day right.  Crusher has classes at 8am and 9:30am!  Come on in!
    • Water is your friend.  Stay hydrated a lot of water.
    • Start your big meal with a salad or vegetables.  Do not start with bread or or the heavier foods.  If you start with the salad or vegetables, this will help you with overall caloric intake.
    • Chew your food and enjoy the conversation of those around you!  This will help you not rush into it and shove your face without realizing you are full.
    • If you are full – put your fork down.
    • Plan for the day after – have healthy meals prepped and a workout class scheduled.  This will help keep you in check and back on track.  These big holiday meals are the exception – they aren’t a rule.  Meaning, we get one, and then back on track.


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