Meet Connor – Teen Athlete!

Teens Athlete Spotlight (November 2019)


Athlete – Conner Epping

Age – 15

Member since – March 2017


I want to introduce you to one of our amazing Teen athletes, Conner Epping. He puts in the hard work and he is an absolute joy to coach. Conner is part of one of our many families who “Fitness” together here at Crusher CrossFit. His parents Alanna, Joe, and sister Brenna are all part of the Crusher Family. Recently they were seen doing the “CrossFit Open” together as a family in the same heats. Very cool and very inspiring to see as they pushed through very tough workouts along side of each other while the Crusher community cheered them on. 

I recently sat down with Conner for a little Q&A


Why did you start CrossFit? My Mom and Dad started and they would talk about it at home. I knew they loved it and they inspired me and I gave it a shot.

Do you enjoy CrossFit? I love it. 

Why do you enjoy CrossFit? It helps me mentally. It has made me more confident. Both in the gym and at school.

Were you nervous to start? Yes, very. But not anymore. I look forward to coming now and challenging myself.

Do you play a sport? No. Crossfit is my sport.

Do you think CrossFit helps you in your academics? Yes, it has taught me to focus more. It also helps with my headaches and anxiety. I feel much better when I come to class.

Have you talked to friends about CrossFit? Yes. My friends Joey and Trevor joined. I like when we all can work out together. It’s fun.

What is your favorite movement? Rowing

What is your least favorite movement? Burpees. I hate those things. (“Conner, I feel your pain here man” – Geo)

Do you like working out with Mom and Dad? Yes, they inspire me to try harder. It’s pretty cool.

Do you plan to continue with CrossFit when you become an adult? Definitely. 

Do you like your coaches? Yes, they are fun and they help me with each workout. They give me scales and tips to get through the workout.

As a coach of Conner I can tell you this kid is awesome and we are the lucky ones that get to coach him. The Epping family continues to inspire all of us and we look forward to seeing them all continue their fitness journey with us. 


If you feel encouraged to try something new like Connor did, email me at Geo@CrusherCrossFit.Com – I would love to help.


Coach Geo


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