Why Do I Do What I do? Meet Edward.

Why do I do what I do?

Meet Edward. Edward is a current PT client of mine that I have been working with since June. I often think about why I ultimately chose to quit my desk job and coach full time. Sure there are many reasons, but being an influence whether it’s big or small  in someone’s life is the “Why”

I met Edward back in 2019 when I was leading Crusher’s dryland training with the Waconia Hockey Association. After that ended, his parents contacted me to see if I could work with Edward one on one. We have been meeting two to three days a week for 30 minutes at a time. 

During this time I have gotten to know Edward. Not only “in the gym” stuff but personally. Edward is a very talented and smart young man. He’s big into gaming and streaming live videos which he has acquired quite the following online. Over 100k if you are wondering.

During our PT sessions I have learned what we can do and what we can’t do. As we have gotten to know each other I can tell you Edward is doing things now that he never thought he’d be doing. Not only that, I have learned how to push Edward and most importantly he has learned how to push himself so much more now than when he started. 


Quick Q&A with Edward

How did you gain interest in Crusher? I gained interest in crusher as I used to do dryland there, when I used to play Hockey.

Initially were you nervous about trying personal training? No, I already knew Geo, as he was the Hockey guy for our dry land. (So I knew he was a good guy) 

Are you enjoying the workouts? What do you like about them? I much like working out. It’s nice to be able to be active and exercise. There is no stress and is easily changed if needed.

How has working with me been? Do I push you hard enough? Working with Geo has been amazing! He treats me like a friend and definitely pushes me but also insists that I push myself as well. He is very good at what he does. 

You have been doing PT for a while now. How have you changed from the start? What changes have you noticed? Either at the gym or at home. Well I notice I push myself more and more. As well , I can run and do activities better than before. 

What is your favorite and least favorite exercise we do? Favorite is probably, farmer carries. Least favorite, running. 

Do you see yourself sticking with Crusher? But most importantly, has our training inspired you to keep active throughout your life? I do see myself sticking with crusher, as they have changed my life in a really good sense. They have inspired me to push myself. 

Have your parents commented on anything they have noticed since starting with us? My parents have both agreed that I just look better, physically and emotionally. Crusher has 100% not just helped with my physical health but also my mental and emotional health.


Wow, when I read some of those answers it’s clear to me why what we do is so important. I feel a personal connection in coaching is so overlooked. Sure people want to get fit, and that is our goal too. But being fit is a total package…..physically, mentally, and emotionally. When I can connect with my clients and athlete’s in all three phases it makes coaching the reason I chose to make the change. We have a saying here at Crusher and it’s so true. We want your hour or whatever time it is with us in the day to be the BEST hour of your day.

I’m super proud of Edward and the progress he is making. 

Edward is the “Why”




Coach Geo


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