Guess What? Your Coach Noticed.

I had an athlete approach me recently, expressing concern that a peer in class had repetitions that did not meet movement standards.  This person was not upset because of what the scoreboard said, but they were frustrated because our workouts are so much more than what the whiteboard says.  Our workouts are hard work.  I  have always said “How you do anything, is how you do everything.”  I had a conversation with this person about ensuring we are only worrying about ourselves, and our own workouts.  As the conversation progressed – I realized this was a deeper issue than just a few no reps. And I completely understood.

I get it.  You want to beat that person who you always compete with in class.  Or you don’t want to finish last place.  Or you want to come across as this major BEAST during the WOD.  It seems powerful and amazing right?  Well ok – there is more to it than this.  You need to hold yourself to a higher standard.  If you are starting to move so fast just to get the rep done, that your form is shot or you are not completing the full rep – are you really winning?  Are you really working closer to being a healthier version of yourself?  If you clearly have the ability to do things right, and you choose not to, then you are doing yourself a disservice.

What I mean here – “How you do anything, is how you do everything.”  (Not just at the gym.)  If your integrity to your ownself in the gym is lacking – what does it look like outside of the gym?

Why do we perform these types of workouts anyways?  To be the best we can be – the best version of ourselves – healthy… and the list goes on.  What is the purpose if we are shaving reps, moving poorly, and letting our integrity go out the window?  Are you really reaching those goals?  What is this doing for your mind?  Which also transfers outside of the box.

You also have your peers – the one to your left and to your right – who are counting accurately (well except when you have WOD brain and miss 1 of the 300 reps during Cindy).  But for the most part, intentionally counting accurately.  Or the ones who are listening to the coach with movement standards… not letting speed get in the way of form.  FOR TIME or AMRAP does not mean move like trash.  There is next to no value in going fast and moving poorly.  These peers see you (Yes they do, even if you think they don’t) and they get frustrated.  They are working so hard, yet see you cheating.  Cheating yourself, and cheating the camaraderie you all have in your class session.

I found this article on the crossfit journal that I found super interesting – take a peak.

Let’s all strive to be the best versions we can be.  Be Honest.  Work Hard.  DO YOU!  Don’t worry about beating someone other than yourself.  Competition is good and healthy – as long as you can leave your ego at the door and maintain integrity.   Reminder of our Rules of Conduct at Crusher – and honestly, these can also go out to real life as well!


Abandon your ego. No one cares if you finished first or you finished last,

but everyone will be upset if you cheat.”