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Warm-up (No Measure)

Grab a Partner and a Wall Ball (LIGHT!)


P1: 5 Bootstraps + 10 Alt Lunges w/ Torso Twist + 20 Mtn Climbers

P2: Rows 150 meters

Switch when both are done

Then Partners line up facing each other in 2 rows, about 10-12ft apart.

2 Rounds:

10 Partner Underhand Toss

10 Partner Wall Balls*

10 Partner Plank Ball Rolls**

*Partner Wall Ball: Facing each other with enough distance to toss the ball (about 10 ft), P1 performs a wall ball shot and arcs the ball to their partner across the way. P2 catches the ball at face height and squats down to perform their wall ball.

**Partner Plank Ball Rolls: Partners are both in a Push-Up Plank, facing each other. P1 rolls the ball across the way to P2, who rolls it back. Switch hands when rolling the ball back and forth (partners might need to come slightly closer together for this one).

SCAP PULL-UPS: Hanging on the bar, hands just outside shoulders, have athletes bring their shoulders down and away from their ears (5-10 reps).

TIGHT KIP SWING: In an Active Shoulder Position, initiate a tight kip swing from the shoulders, hitting the arch and hollow positions (3-5 reps).

DYNAMIC KIP SWING: Building on the tight kip swing, make the arch and hollow positions more pronounced, aiming to feel “weightless” at the end of both positions (3-5 reps).

2 KIP SWINGS + 1 PULL-UP: Using the Dynamic Kip Swing, build momentum to drive the hips up, and pull the chin over the bar- push away at the top!

2 KIP SWINGS + 1 PULL-UP + 2 KIP SWINGS: After the 2 Kip Swings + 1 Pull-Up, push away at the top, and keep the shoulders engaged to send the body back into a controlled Kip Swing.

1 KIP SWING + 2 (+) PULL-UPS: Once athletes show control in the Pull-Up and Kip Swing after the Pull-Up, have them try to string 2 or more Pull-Ups together!

Partner Workout

Metcon (Time)



2000m Row

150 Pull-Ups

150 Sit-ups

150 Box Jumps (24/20)

2000m Row

*Partner 1 works while Partner 2 rests. Complete the workout in order. On the row, partners must alternate every 200m. All other movements can be split any way.

-30:00 Hard Cap-

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