Coach / Personal Trainer


  • CrossFit Level 2
  • Bachelor of Arts, Communication Arts


  • University of Wisconsin - Madison


“Al” grew up in the pool, doing in Synchronized Swimming. As a 4-time Minnesota All-State Team Member and 10 years of coaching across the metro, her passion for movement started young and has continued to grow ever since.

After college, she found strength sports. Talk about a 180, right?! Instead of being graceful, she started throwing around heavy weights. She trained and competed in Strongman for 3 years and Powerlifting for another. The grittier, the chalkier – the better!

Ready for a new challenge, Al found herself in a CrossFit gym and immediately fell in love- So many athletic disciplines combined into one! Does it get any better?!

Having personally discovered the positive impact of fitness and its ability to change your life far beyond the gym, Al sees coaching as an extension of that. She hopes to inspire a similar passion and energy in other athletes.

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