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  • Precision Nutrition
  • Crossfit Level 1


Growing up with two older siblings, Amber ran and lifted on a regular basis in high school.  These habits continued into college where she also started running long distance races.  Spending minimal time on recovery, she decided to clean a yoga studio in exchange for a free membership to increase her flexibility.  She entered the studio with a love/hate relationship for yoga and left the studio as a yoga instructor.  This jump started her exploration of many areas of fitness from personal training, kid classes, mobility, and even baby wearing barre.


Spending 10 years teaching group fitness and yoga, Amber’s passion for health and wellness continued to grow. Being a mama of two young girls, she started recognizing the importance of good nutrition and sleep.  She wanted to do the things she loved for as long as possible!


Amber then furthered her education becoming a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach.  Her focus is to meet you where you are and empower YOU to make small daily lifestyle tweaks that will create a significant transformation over time! She will be your hype woman, your biggest cheerleader, and  your accountability buddy!

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