Crusher’s expert, certified coaches are here to help you reach your goals and exceed them. You will have a dedicated coach that will mentor you for improvement in your lifestyle, fitness & nutrition.


Crusher’s environment provides a supportive atmosphere that you will love. Starting with our educational and adaptive intro classes through our CrossFIt classes, you will feel at home and look forward to your time at the gym.


Our proven method will help you reach your goals. We are known for breaking limits and setting new heights. No matter where you are starting from our process will work for you and get you to where you want to go.



Group CrossFit Classes

  • Unlimited Crossfit & Open Gym
  • Quarterly goal setting meetings with a coach



All Group Classes

  • Unlimited C44, Crossfit, Open Gym & Mobility Classes (Currently no Open Gym or Mobility due to COVID)
  • Quarterly goal setting meetings with a coach



Group CrossFit Classes

  • 10 CrossFit Classes/Month (Open Gym and Mobility Classes not included)
  • Quarterly goal setting meetings with a coach

Our Vision

Our vision comes from our nephew Lukas a.k.a. “Crusher.” Crusher passed away when he was just 18 in an accident. Crusher loved life. He gave it his all at everything he did, work or play. He loved large. Crusher was a big kid who put others in front of himself and didn’t let anyone pick on “his” people. That is how he earned his nickname (along with some resemblance to the former wrestler), but he was also much more than that. At Crusher CrossFit we hope to honor Crusher by living up to the standards, he set in his short but full 18 years.


When you were with Crusher, you were family. He treated others like they were family no matter if he just met them or if he knew them forever. We too are creating a “Family.” Like Crusher we are going to work hard, and we are going to have fun, both of which are better when doing it as a family. We are going to support each other, challenge each other, cherish each other.


Work Ethic

No matter if he was at his job, in the forest hunting, on the football field, or on the lake wakeboarding, Crusher pushed to do his best. We too will push athletes to perform at their best. It will take hard work, but putting out our best effort at the box will pay dividends in all we do in all other aspects of our lives.


Crusher always had a one-liner. He was quiet, but if you listened, he came out with some gems and everyone would crack up. His sense of humor was one of his best qualities. Much of the work we will do will push us to do things we did not know we could do. At times we may even look like fools trying, however, let’s have fun doing it. We leave our egos outside the door. To get the best out of ourselves, we need to perfect technique and try new things. Keeping a sense of humor and not taking ourselves too seriously will help us succeed.


While all the traits above are important, in the end, they are all meaningless without faith. Crusher understood this and put God in His proper place in his life: First. At Crusher CrossFit we will honor this as well by striving every day to follow The Golden Rule. Crusher CrossFit will strive every day to live up to the standards that Crusher gave us through his life, using them to write the perfect vision for our community.