Coach / Nutrition Coach


  • CrossFit Level 1


  • Bachelor of Arts: University of North Dakota
  • Master of Arts: University of Minnesota
  • Doctor of Audiology: University of Florida


Rondi has always been an athlete, starting at age 5 as a gymnast. She spent 12 years being a competitive gymnast. Along the way, she added tennis and golfing, graduating from high school as a 9-time varsity letter earner. Following high school, she like many others fell into the “typical gym routine” and it was so uninspiring if she couldn’t find a parking spot she just went home. She quickly realized she needed something different. She noticed a Crossfit gym close to her home in Fargo, ND by her own admission she was intimidated. She even canceled after signing up for bootcamp. Finally, after about 6 months she decided to give it a try. Rondi says it’s the best decision for her health and fitness that she has ever made. Years later and she is still at it and she is honored at the chance to help others in their very own fitness journey. Nutrition has been a key focus of hers and she is down 20 lbs. She will be the first to tell you that Crossfit has completely changed her life.


Outside of Crusher, she is the CEO of the Eddenberger household (husband, son (17), and a dog) and she is a part-time Audiologist at Ridgeview Medical Center. In her free time, she likes to travel, play golf, reading, and watching North Dakota Men’s Hockey.


Rondi’s passion for helping others reach their fitness and health goals is evident in her coaching. Her fear of starting Crossfit inspires her to help all of our members reach their full potential.

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