C44 – C44


Warm-up (No Measure)

You will have 3 increasing weights on your snatches-easy, medium, hard.

Rings set for rows

Box if using for inverted rows


Warm-up (No Measure)


Air squats


*alternate movements, increase intensity as you go


Turkish Get-UP (1-1-1-1-1)

Grab out a light DB/KB and review the TGU. Then, spend up to 10 min working up to a heavy single on each side


Warm-up (No Measure)

Prep for the workout:

Review DB power snatches as:

DB deadlift-high pull-muscle snatch-power snatch

*perform as many reps as necessary to be moving well

Then, build up to your heavy Snatch weight in about 3 sets, and increase the difficulty of your ring rows.

12 alt. Snatches (light)

5 ring rows (easy)

8 alt. Snatches (moderate)

5 ring rows (medium difficulty)

6 snatches (heavy)

5 inverted ring rows (hard)


Metcon (Time)

3 rounds:

10 DB Power Snatches (heavy)

10 inverted ring rows (hard)

2 rounds:

15 Power Snatches (medium)

15 ring rows (medium difficulty)

1 round:

20 Power Snatches (light)

20 ring rows (easiest)
Scaled options:

Decrease the load as necessary and decrease the difficulty of ring rows or scale reps of ring rows to 5-10-15


Warm-up (No Measure)

Grab a lax ball-

5 each position cat/cow

30 sec down dog. Focus on stretching shoulders

Lay on your side on the floor and smash lats with lax (1 min e/s)

Lay on your back and address your upper/mid back (1-2min e/s)

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