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Warm-up (No Measure)


**6AM Class will be cancelled effective next week

**7:30PM CrossFit will be Bootcamp for the next 4 weeks on Mon and Wed only. Tues and Thurs is still there!

**Fitness Reimbursement – It is now offered at Crusher! Yeah! Sign up online.

**Please no food in the kids area – and wash hands before entering!

Play Bucket Toss to Warm Up-

Coach will explain!


Warm-up (No Measure)

Prep Overhead and for Workout

As a group, briefly review the Overhead Movements with an empty barbell (or PVC) as:

Cuban Press—Press—Push Press—Push Jerk—Split Jerk

Then, work up from your lightest weight to heaviest weight using:

10 reps (add weight)

8 reps (add weight)

6 reps (first weight)

5 reps (second weight)

4 reps (third weight)

3 reps (fourth weight)

*Practice cycling while the loads are still light enough.

*Then, bring the load down to your lightest weight and prep as needed for the workout.

*If needed, row a quick 100 m to get your heart rate back up


Metcon (Time)

14 Shoulder-to-Overhead

Row 1k

12 Shoulder-to-Overhead

Row 500 m

10 Shoulder-to-Overhead

Row 1k

8 Shoulder-to-Overhead

Men: 135-155-185-205

Women: 95-105-115-135


Men: 155-185-205-225

Women: 115-125-135-155
Level 1: Men: 115-135-165-185

Women: 75-85-95-115

Level 2: Men: 95-115-135-155

Women: 65-75-85-105

Level 3: Men: 45-65-75-95

Women: 35-45-55-65


Warm-up (No Measure)

1 min. each side Pole Stretch + 1 min. each side Side Pole Stretch.

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